Want to know why you need to come back to me?

Welcome to my video series! Today, let’s answer the question so many people ask: why do you need a follow up appointment?


It can feel to me like some people have the mindset that you visit a practitioner, take a pill and all is righted.

However if you want to address core issues – why you keep getting stomach upsets, why your skin is troublesome for example – results will take longer,  But those results will last.  And that’s what homeopathy and ongoing consultations can offer you.

Want to read about lasting results?

Take a look at my testimonial page on my website (here) or my Google reviews (here).  Read about the lasting effects of professional homeopathic treatment.  A follow up appointment is key to that.

Where do you live?

I love living in Bristol.  There’s lots of energy and vibrancy here.  People are friendly and approachable and that makes living in a city – especially in the centre – really enjoyable.

Wherever you are, perhaps you are looking for ways to bring health and wellbeing into your life?

How can you do that?

You’re welcome to visit my clinic here, but many of my clients are from elsewhere — they choose to Skype with me instead.

What do we talk about in a consultation?

We talk about what’s bothering you, what’s taking your energy and attention  and how you can make life better using homeopathy and introducing small changes to create big effects.

My blogs are a way into to talking about bringing simple healthy habits into your daily life.  Whether that’s walking more, being less distracted, healthy recipes or thought provoking (I hope!) things which interest me.

Curious?  Call me!  A 30 min chat on the phone!  No pressure, no cost, and you can ask all the questions you have about homeopathy and healthy living.   Book your call here >