Sleepless Toddler

‘R’ is loads better, best he’s been in a long time in fact… He completed his course of Calc Carb and since then he has hardly woken up at night.

Life is a joy again!! Thank you for everything you have done for my family. You have been a great help. You have transformed our lives!!

- Ruth H, Bristol

Child Behavioural Issues

Natalie has been treating my daughter for a couple of years and I can confidently say that homeopathy has changed our family life for the better. She helped us consistently and effectively with sleeping and behavioural problems amongst other issues that parents with young children go through.

She has a gentle, sensitive and accommodating approach, always making us feel at ease talking about our concerns. Thoroughly recommended!

- Mariana, Bristol

Exam Stress

Thank you for talking with ‘M’. It really helped him. He’s okay at the moment and not too stressed but if he’s not coping then we’ll be back in touch.

You’ve been a great help to the family.

- CB, Bristol

The cough which lasted 10 months

Natalie has just cured my daughter’s 10 month old cough.  She is so gentle and reassuring with the little folk.  Miracle worker.


RW, Bristol

No more thick green mucus

Natalie has been superb in the attention and treatment she has given my 3 year old daughter.

From birth my daughter has had a very snotty nose with green, thick mucus. Anti histamines made no difference.

Natalie took careful notes, and then gave me remedies for my daughter that have resulted in a clear nose.  She’s free from ‘heavy breathing’, snoring, and constant runny nose.

She starts school this September and will now be able to get on with her day, without her mum worrying she would have been labelled the ‘snotty nosed kid’.

Thank you.

Paula J, Bristol


Just checked and realise I have an appointment with you on Friday. I don’t think I need to see you as everything, touch wood, seems to be good! Thank you for your help.

I’m beginning to feel my old self again and I can’t thank you enough.

- CH, Bristol

Anxiety & Post Viral Illness

I was struggling with feeling anxious and had a virus which included having a constant headache for more than 3 weeks. I had been taking pain killers with little effect.

Natalie was easy to talk to and made me feel listed to and taken seriously. I began to have less symptoms after about a week of taking her remedies. After two weeks I am symptom free.

I would recommend anyone to try homeopathy and Natalie is excellent.

- Kay, Sheffield

Kidney Infection

I took my 3 month old baby to Natalie after he had been very ill from 2 weeks old. He got diagnosed with pseudohypoaldosteronism and had to have extra sodium every day. He also had frequent bladder/urine/kidney infections.

By the time he was 6 months old the pseudohypoaldosteronism had corrected itself. He then got diagnosed with urinary reflux which was causing an infection every month so he had to take a preventative antibiotic every morning and evening to keep the infections at bay… but he carried on getting infections even on the antibiotics. He had to continually have the antibiotic dose made higher or the antibiotic changed.

Natalie treated him each month from when he was 9 months old. I decided to take him off the antibiotics when he was 11 months old as he was having infections despite them. Natalie continued to treat him till he was one and a half at which point we’d decided he was well enough to stop needing treatment. Now he is two and a half years old and in great health.

I am forever grateful to Natalie for treating my little boy and supporting us through a time of what I can only call hell. And I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Rachel, Bristol

Baby’s reflux and constipation

My daughter struggled with reflux and constipation from 2 weeks old and we wanted to treat her naturally.

Natalie has been fantastic, taking her time to explain homeopathy and the theory behind her prescription to help me to understand her treatment as I am new to this form of medicine.

We have since visited Natalie for a cold/chest infection that wouldn’t shift and will continue to visit her for any ailments as she responds so well to this form of treatment.


Cystic acne gone, my skin is so much better.

I’ve had really painful and frequent cystic acne for the last several years, and after trying it all (acupuncture, nutritionalist, prescription meds) i was feeling really hopeless, then a friend recommended Natalie, and within days of taking my remedy, my skin had noticeably started to heal, and by 3 weeks I no longer felt like I needed foundation to cover over my scars and my face no long was in pain from the cysts. Now its been 3 months and I can’t remember having better skin. Natalie was so helpful and I can’t thank her enough for what a change her remedy has made on my life.



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I am a mother of two and a fully qualified homeopath. I am committed to effective and honest work with you. I specialise in addressing skin issues, hormonal problems and anxiety. My clients are mostly children and women but homeopathy works for everyone.

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