Do you find that life bumbles along with not a lot going on and then suddenly life changes?

Between October and November last year this is what happened to me.


My brother and I had been receiving calls from Barbados, where our mother lived, telling us with ever increasing urgency, that our mother could not continue to live alone and needed help.  My mother and I spoke on the phone often during the initial stages of this phase.  It took some coaxing for her to admit she was struggling.  Unable to see well (untreatable glaucoma), and with poor hearing and attention spans, my mum was finding preparing and cooking food, shopping and average daily chores difficult by herself.  My daughters and I had visited in Feb 2017 and while my Mum was clearly ageing, she was managing.  Such a upturn in her vulnerability came as such a shock.

#muminfeb2017   This is us back in Feb 2017.

Just before my brother and I flew out to bring Mum back, our beloved dog, Roxy became a paraplegic.  No apparent cause.  She simply tried to stand up one Saturday afternoon and suffered a spinal prolapse.  She could not use her back legs at all.  So,I left for Barbados with an incontinent, paralysed dog at home not knowing what state she would be in on my return.

While I was in Barbados, selling everything that my mother could not take with her – including her house – my eldest daughter rang.  I immediately thought something else had happened to Roxy.  But no.  Instead it was news that she had gotten a job in London following two interviews and was moving out within 10 days of my return home.  Cause for joy and something she so desperately wanted but it also made me feel a bit sad I can’t lie.


Four months on and I have just come back from three days staying with my eldest.  I had a course to attend and took the opportunity to catch up properly with her.  It was lovely to see her  and also a weird experience.  I so recall my first flat after leaving home and here I was staying with my daughter and her two housemates.  It took me back.

Roxy has benefitted from homeopathy, herbs and acupuncture and regular water treadmill sessions.  She is able to run short distances – after a cat in our garden – and walk for 20 mins or so.  Her quality of life is very definitely increased.

My mother is still settling in.  The consistent daily temperature in Barbados is 29-32 degrees.  She is struggling with the cold despite living here from 1958-98 (she left for Barbados in 1998).  She can’t go out without assistance any more as she is liable to fall through general wobbliness and poor sight but she too is still with us and improving with support and love.

with Mum, late October 2017         

We’ll have to see how the future pans out.  But I would find it hard to sustain myself if I was knocked with a series of shocks like that again.  It’s been hard.

I am using homeopathy to help me adjust.  Remedies including Ignatia, Carcinosin and Verat Alb have been good for me to address my shifting emotions and digestive responses to recent stresses.


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