I have just read Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden.  It’s blown my mind.  Easy to read and exhaustively researched.

Periods: what you need to understand

It’s full of eye popping, eye opening information which links all the stuff I know about periods and whatnot.  There are chapters – whole chapters – on what can go wrong with your period, general maintenance of periods, restoring regular periods.  And that’s just three chapters.  Now if you think of your periods as an inconvenience which you wish would just go away, then this book is not for you.

If you are interested in how your body works, why it works that way and what you can do to maximise its efficency and vitality, then buy this book.  Like Gut by Guilia Enders which I have commented on in this blog, Period Repair Manual helps to connect your experiences and lead to a better understanding of what is going on.

Well? How do they work?

It’s all about oestrogen.  Or rather it’s all about progesterone.  Even if you are not familiar with these terms, this book breaks everything down into simple English.  There are no deliberate brain hazing terms which mean that you have to re-read a sentence or a page.  Nothing here but plain English and written so baldly that you will simply understand.

  • Oestrogen: builds the lining of your womb (which is released as a period), maintains our bone density, causes tissue growth and cell increase in the body.
  • Progesterone: created through ovulation, essential for period health, one of its main jobs is to sustain and nurture a pregnancy, prevents breast cancer, builds muscle, promotes sleep, protects against heart disease, calms the nervous system – protecting against stress, and reduces inflammation.

So if I tell you that most hormonal contraception suppresses ovulation and therefore progesterone altogether, how does that feel?

And that when there is too much oestrogen (relative to progesterone and other hormones) that can lead to period pain, breast cancer, uterine cancer, fibroids, reduced sex drive, skin changes, mood swings, headaches, weight gain (and weight gain leads to more oestrogen as it is created in fat cells), bloating..

What can we do?

eat to balance hormones

Obviously eating a good, nutritious diet is a big bonus.  As is avoiding over two units of alcohol daily.  Ensuring you drink enough fluid to wash out your system.  Drinking more water beginning about 3 days before you expect your period is worth trying to reduce period pain.   Eating lots of fresh food will also help to release toxins/ excess hormones through regular poos.  Reducing your red meat (added hormones) and dairy (added hormones) will also obviously help you with hormone balance.  Exercise, too, is a tool to lower oestrogen.


What about me?

If you are anything like me, drastic changes don’t last long.  So maybe think about introducing small changes.  A glass of water per hour?  Fruit with breakfast each day? Swapping your red meat for fish, white meat?  Buying organic produce where you can afford it?

Every little bit helps and Small Changes Do Matter.

Where do you live?

I love living in Bristol.  There’s lots of energy and vibrancy here.  People are friendly and approachable and that makes living in a city – especially in the centre – really enjoyable.

Wherever you are, perhaps you are looking for ways to bring health and wellbeing into your life?

How can you do that?

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What do we talk about in a consultation?

We talk about what’s bothering you, what’s taking your energy and attention  and how you can make life better using homeopathy and introducing small changes to create big effects.

My blogs are a way into to talking about bringing simple healthy habits into your daily life.  Whether that’s walking more, being less distracted, healthy recipes or thought provoking (I hope!) things which interest me.

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