I’ve written before about homeopathy healing skin.  I have recently received this glowing review of one person’s experience of treating eczema with homeopathy which I thought I would share with you:

“I have been suffering with terrible atopic eczema over most of my body, but particularly over my face, neck and torso, which was not only causing me great itching and pain, but also great embarrassment, anxiety and stress. A friend recommended that I get in contact with Natalie, as she had previously helped her with a skin condition.


I was desperate and very emotional when I first saw Natalie, she immediately put me at ease, she made me feel welcome, reassured and calmed me, all the time remaining professional and supportive. 


A week after taking the homeopathic treatment Natalie prescribed, I started to notice small improvements, I was still getting flare-ups, but it was no longer getting worse. This trend continued, and over the following 4 weeks my skin began to heal, the itching subsided, the redness and swelling faded, the flare-ups were not as extreme, and I started to feel human again.


It has now been 9 weeks since I began my homeopathic treatment, and 3 weeks since I stopped taking it. My skin has improved to the point that you can hardly tell I have eczema at all, I would say it is 85% healed, and it is the homeopathic treatment that gave my body what it needed to heal. Miraculously the final healing is happening all by itself.


I am grateful to Natalie for her support, understanding, and knowledge, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”

Why might skin symptoms become a problem?

Problem skin, whatever the cause, can so often be upsetting.  Our skin is literally what we present to the world.

Skin problems can be the result of:

  •  hormones:  think about spots around our periods, during puberty, during perimenopause.  Acne being a common complaint.
  • diet:  not eating a balanced diet or drinking enough water can affect not just our skin but our digestive systems too.
  • emotional problems: going through difficult times can often result in not eating well, not taking care of ourselves and not getting good quality rest.  Skin can also act up at this point.

Because of its visibility, troublesome skin can be really difficult to cope with.

Skin issues can also run in families – alongside asthma in some cases.  It is often the case that the healing has to come from within.  Creams and ointments can offer comfort when our skin is acting up but will never deal with root causes.

Homeopathy can be a great help – restoring balance even after you stop taking the remedies.

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