Moving outside my comfort zone. I survived.

Moving outside my comfort zone. My most recent experience of moving outside my comfort zone was a surprise. Comfort zones are different for everyone I know.  My comfort zone is very definitely about keeping safe from criticism, not standing out. For the past six weeks...

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What I don’t know about periods!

What I don't know about periods. I have just read Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden.  A new edition came out in 2017 and I bought it. It's full of eye popping, eye opening information which links all the stuff I know about periods and whatnot.  There are chapters -...

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Life changes

Life changes Do you find that life bumbles along with not a lot going on and then suddenly life changes? Between October and November last year this is what happened to me. Then... My brother and I had been receiving calls from Barbados, where our mother lived,...

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Stress and your hormones

  Stress disrupts your hormones. It's been proven.  And yet stress is something we have sort of accepted as part of our 21st century lives.  When someone asks how we are, a standard response is "I'm stressed". The effect on your hormones Stress is a major hormone...

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Bovista heals what Naproxen couldn’t!

Have you or someone you know suffered with menstrual cramps?  Many women have.  Pain with your period (called dysmennorhea) is the most common of menstrual complaints.  Here is my account of my own experience.   PERIOD PAINS Some months ago I was struggling...

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Worried and anxious?

  Being worried and feeling anxious affects so many of us. So many people are seeking help from me with worry and anxiety of late.  i thought I would write a piece on how homeopathy can help. I've been listening to podcasts and reading articles on the subject as the...

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Can I help with your hormones?

What are your menopause symptoms? Menopausal symptoms just beginning? According to the NHS 3 out of every 4 women will experience hot flushes as part of their menopausal symptoms. What are your symptoms? One of the most recognised symptom is hot flushes - sudden...

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Children and constipation

Parents have been posting a lot on Facebook recently about child constipation.  Most are going to their GPs and being prescribed Movacol or Lactulose. Sometimes for years. Homeopathy can help - prompting the body to take responsibility for pooing - rather than handing...

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Immune systems

'Gut' by Guilia Enders has a chapter about the immune system. Many parents get in touch with homeopathy with concerns around their child's immunity.  They are concerned that their child is lacking in energy, gets one cold after another or can't shake off the...

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You and The Pill -hormones aplenty!

The Pill unbalances your hormones. How much do you know about how The Pill unbalances your hormones and the symptoms that causes? Do you know that one in three women of reproductive age in Britain use the contraceptive Pill?  That's a lot of women.  Some feel that if...

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