stress effect on hormones

Stress disrupts your hormones.

It’s been proven.  And yet stress is something we have sort of accepted as part of our 21st century lives.  When someone asks how we are, a standard response is “I’m stressed”.

The effect on your hormones

Stress is a major hormone disruptor.  It can unbalance your hormones so much that your periods are shorter (therefore more frequent).  The stress hormone, cortisol, has a major impact on all other hormone levels.  As the body responds to the stress, it ‘steals’ progesterone from the rest of the hormonal system.

High cortisol levels can lead to a resistance to insulin and this can inhibit ovulation. This leads to an imbalance and an excess of oestrogen. And stress can lead to weight being put on around the belly in particular as your metabolism slows.  And what do fat cells contain? Oestrogen.

An excess of oestrogen has some of the following effects:

  • irregular or unusual periods
  • breast tenderness
  • mood swings
  • (premenstrual) headaches
  • the growth of fibroids
  • the development of endometriosis

The consequences of stress are therefore many and meaningful.

So, what can you do to balance your hormones?

You can look at your diet.  Hormone balancers are everywhere and you can introduce them to your diet quite easily. Have a look at this article for some ideas to take on.

eat to balance hormones

You can look to avoid hormone laden meat or dairy products.  Phase out processed food as much as possible.  Eat organic as much as you can afford.  Whole grains and pulses are a bonus.

You can introduce or increase exercise.  Exercise not only helps by releasing endorphins (mood boosters) but can also regulate your weight.  And reduce your stress.

What about homeopathy?

Yes, homeopathy can help too. Balancing hormones is one of the most common applications of homeopathy.  There are literally dozens of remedies which can bring that balance to your system.  Whether your symptoms are heavy periods, irregular periods, disturbed sleep or digestive upsets, homeopathy can help you.

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