healing skin with homeopathy - before photo

Before Photo

Here is a good example of skin healing through homeopathy.

This man booked an appointment because his skin had erupted as you can see in the photo above.  There was no apparent cause.   His GP had concluded this was something my patient would have to live with.  None of the GP’s prescriptions were making any positive difference to my patient’s skin. There were side effects to the GP prescriptions – they were interfering with other medication my patient was taking.

He turned to homeopathy.

As his business involves dealing with the public, this skin eruption was causing him considerable distress and embarrassment.  The skin was peeling and unsightly and my patient was struggling with its sudden appearance.

What can homeopathy do?

After a consultation lasting around one hour – when we discussed not only his skin but his lifestyle, digestion, sleep and so on – I prescribed a low daily dose of Lycopodium.  This is a remedy with a wide range of effects but it has particular relevance to the gut, the liver and the skin.

healing skin with homeopathy - after photo

After Photo

The photo below was taken just 3.5 weeks later. My patient is thrilled with the progress – though we can acknowledge there is still work to be done. What is particularly relevant here is that my patient had despaired of any positive change.  And his GP had run out of ideas on how to treat a ’causeless’ skin complaint.

If your skin is problematic:  spotty/ rashy/ full of eczema/ hormonal,  then homeopathic treatment could be the way forward.

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