life drawing week one
My most recent experience of moving outside my comfort zone was a surprise.

Comfort zones are different for everyone I know.  My comfort zone is very definitely about keeping safe from criticism, not standing out.

For the past six weeks I have been going to a life drawing class.  I signed up partly out of curiosity and partly just to do a class with my daughter.  Non-screen focussed joint activity, you understand right?

I was told as school that I was not good at art.  The definition of art being still life drawing.  I was told to focus on my strengths – the more academic subjects.. So I went to the first life drawing class with full expectation that I would struggle, find it difficult and then give up once my daughter felt established.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I  loved every moment of each class.  I’ve actively looked forward to the classes and am bereft now they are over.


Now I have done lots of evening classes in my time: from pottery to guitar lessons for beginners to my current one: life drawing.  Each has given me something more than the very welcome opportunity to learn something new.

With pottery I realised, for example, that I have very little creative imagination.  Which is okay – good to know.

With Italian for beginners, I realised again that I find foreign language- learning easier than most.

And with life drawing I realised that I have a degree of talent.  Nothing to write home about.  But some.  And I have loved doing it.

I survived!

What is different for me is that there was a time when I found exposing myself (potentially) as a newbie of anything very difficult .  I didn’t want anything but the finished perfect product to be seen.  The finished product which is assured and confident and GOOD.  I think that ageing has had a positive effect on this side of me.

So I am showing everyone my attempts at life drawing.  And I am fine with it.  One of my efforts is at the top of this blog.

Whether you think it’s great.

Or whether you don’t.

It’s okay.  Because I enjoyed doing it – so very much

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