Natalie Weekes glowing skin

This is a question I get asked a lot.  How do I look after my skin?  Well, my skin’s needs have changed lots over the years and, therefore, so has my skin care regime.

And before you ask black skin does need sun protection, does tan and eventually, it does wrinkle.  It just takes longer than white skin.  Here‘s some stuff about black skin if you’re interested.

During puberty and into my 20s


I was born with really dry skin. By the time I was going through puberty i was brutal with my skin.  Any spot – and I never had many at any one time – was attacked with surgical spirit and TCP.  I would squeeze and prod and over-fixate.  The condition of your skin matters at any age but it felt particularly important at this time of my life.  I had oily skin by this time and was embarrassed by being shiny.  I was constantly fighting it.

I was bombarded with TV ads for the likes of Clearasil and the like.  So I used every product under the sun – scrubs, cleansers, exfoliators.  Even surgical spirit!  How brutal is that?  I stopped when I read somewhere that using it could lead to hardening of the skin.  I dodged a bullet there for sure.

In addition I used thick commercial moisturisers such as Astral and Nivea.  It felt like a constant battle and I was never happy with my skin.

In my 20s, before I planned pregnancy,  I ate poorly and sporadically and drank too much alcohol too often.  My skin was like parchment.


Into my 30s, after my babies, more changes…

My skin became much drier.  Not just my face but all over.  I had spent my first pregnancy re-evaluating the skin products I used.  Out went the baby oil and such.  I started using aqueous cream on my body and a variety of ‘natural’ products on my face.  I was looking for more gentle products.  I used Bio Oil on my tummy to minimise stretchmarks.  I wouldn’t use that now.  I’m not keen on the liquid paraffin content.  See my latest newsletter about the use of that ingredient in skin products.  (You can sign up for my newsletters here.)


Now.  Perimenopausal me.

One way or another, I have always tried to take care of my skin.  It’s just that the early years’ care was misguided.

Since my stretch of facial eczema (aged 49 – I’ve written a blog on this here), I have moved into my most conscious and gentle phase in caring for my skin.  My diet is good – I cook from scratch each day – and I am increasingly using food as a way to balance my hormones.  I am convinced it was hormonal imbalance that caused my eczema.  It was homeopathy alone which brought me the balance to sort out my skin.

Most importantly for me, I use homeopathy to keep my body – including my skin- in check. I use Neal’s Yard products – sparingly – on my face and a light olive oil on my skin.  I realise not everyone can afford Neal’s Yard (I’m a consultant) and not everyone’s skin can handle oil as easily as mine.   Therefore it is worth experimenting and investigating what you use on your skin.

Have you ever read about rubbing garlic on the soles of your feet?  You can, here. It gives me pause and makes me think carefully about what I use on my skin.  I am of the feed-skin-from-the-inside brigade.  One of the product ranges you could check out is vegan based and ethically produced.  Have a look at their Instagram feed here if that interests you.

So, what’s affecting your skin?  Hormones? Smoking? A less than fresh diet? Your emotional life?

If you would like to chat about how homeopathy can help you and your skin.  Read my testimonials.   Give me a call – 30 mins free, ‘no strings’ chat – about what’s troubling you.  I’ll do my very best to help.

Where do you live?

I love living in Bristol.  There’s lots of energy and vibrancy here.  People are friendly and approachable and that makes living in a city – especially in the centre – really enjoyable.

Wherever you are, perhaps you are looking for ways to bring health and wellbeing into your life?

How can you do that?

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What do we talk about in a consultation?

We talk about what’s bothering you, what’s taking your energy and attention  and how you can make life better using homeopathy and introducing small changes to create big effects.

My blogs are a way into to talking about bringing simple healthy habits into your daily life.  Whether that’s walking more, being less distracted, healthy recipes or thought provoking (I hope!) things which interest me.

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