Autumn this year is making me particularly aware of life changes.  I can feel the nostalgia creeping in.

conkers. autumn. nostalgia

The nostalgia – that was then..

Well, there are lots of reasons:

  • Autumn is a second start to the year to me.  First comes January and the resolutions and planning.  Then comes September and with it the start to a new school term.  I remember my own returns to school life after the summer holidays.  Both the sadness that the summer holidays were over (but with summer passing, so was my awful hayfever) and the excitement about starting back at school.  New teachers.  New timetable.  I enjoyed school.  The change in weather from the heat of summer.  That nip in the air in the mornings.  Brings it all back.


  • when I was a mother to small girls (as opposed to the young women they are now), the run up to September would be about new lunchboxes.  Collecting school uniform.  Buying new shoes.  I remember when my second daughter started infant school and her big sister moved up to juniors.  The obligatory return-to-school photo in the hallway before we set off for the beginning of term.


  • We used to be members of Westonbirt Arboretum and regular visitors.  In the autumn we would go chestnut hunting and roast them.  We would collect acorns, conkers and dried leaves and create an autumnal display in the fireplace.  We competed to find the largest conker.  Or the freshest.  Still in its case.  We chased falling leaves and tried to catch them.

..and the life changes – this is now

Old Roxy. Ageing dog.

Now as autumn arrives I am reminded that it is almost one year since I went to Barbados to collect my mother and bring her home to live with us.  She was finding it increasingly difficult to live alone and at 85 years old returned to a cooling England.  We are all still in an adjustment phase – getting used to living together on a permanent basis.  I’ve written more about this big life change here.

It’s one year since our dog, Roxy, had a partial spinal prolapse.  Defying the vet’s expectations that she would never walk again Roxy is still with us..  But she is not the dog she was.  She still has the same desire to walk (and even run) but can’t manage it.  The day long walks are a thing of the past.  And her camping days are over too.  She has started snoring.  And sleeping almost before she gets back from a walk.

It is also one year since my eldest daughter moved out to work in London.  I am now used to her not being here with us all the time and I am in regular contact with her but she is sorely missed.  Noting a Harry Potter film on tv last weekend, I reminisced about advance buying the books as they were published, going to the cinema the moment the films were released.

Do the changing seasons bring out emotions in you?


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