Why choose homeopathy?

Because it works!

It offers individualised, gentle effective treatment with no side effects.

Many people come to homeopathy seeking resolution to their health problems – without side effects.  Often treatment of health conditions have side effects but homeopathy is safe – gentle, non toxic and, most importantly, effective.

Some of you will have used homeopathy to resolve first aid situations already and now want to use it to address long standing, chronic conditions.

Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional treatments without interrupting that treatment and without adding to the burden of side effects.

You may feel you want to try homeopathy because it is a system of medicine which works with rather than against, your body.


It’s about you

A homeopathic consultation with me is a highly personalised service.  Don’t underestimate how important this is.  Everyone’s menopause/ eczema/ headaches… is different.  When/how that problem first occurred, the intensity of the symptoms, how your symptoms make you feel …all different and individual situations.  Homeopathy can address that personal aspect.

I will listen to you very carefully.  We will explore together the root cause of your problem.  The desired outcome is a raised level of health on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Samuel Hahnemann, in his flagship work ‘The Organon’, states

the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent.

Your individuality is what matters.  You will talk and I will listen.   In taking the time to listen to how your circumstances affect you, I can tailor your prescription to you.

The aim of homeopathic treatment is to optimise your health for the long term.  Have a look at this page of testimonials for examples of how homeopathy treatment can promote long standing good health.

For me, health =  vitality and energy and I want to help you to achieve that for yourself.

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Natalie Weekes Homeopath Bristol

I am a mother of two and a fully qualified homeopath. I am committed to effective and honest work with you. I specialise in addressing skin issues, hormonal problems and anxiety. My clients are mostly children and women but homeopathy works for everyone.

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