The many benefits of homeopathy

You are using a system of medicine which is safe effective and gentle.   Homeopathy has the power to deal with everything from persistent headaches to anxiety with no side effects.

I am putting control back in your hands by working with you toward wellness.  No dependency is created.  No symptoms are suppressed.  Take the time to look at my testimonial page to read some of the feedback I have received in treating both adults and children.

Separating mind and body issues is not a long term strategy for wellbeing – often the two are linked.  Homeopathy looks at you as a whole person and you benefit as a whole person from treatment.


The path to health

Homoeopathy is individualised.  It recognises that even with the same situation/crisis/environment, your response will not necessarily be the same as everyone else’s.  Homoeopathy looks at how you are different from everyone else – rather than looking at your similarities.  It is tailor made for you.

Another major benefit of homeopathy is to gently kickstart your body and mind to heal itself.  Something we are all capable of given the right set of circumstances and if we cannot do it ourselves, homeopathy is there to lend a helping hand.

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Recommended Reading

Below are some books I would recommend you read if you are interested in learning more about homeopathy.  Most of them are readily available through second hand outlets.  Enjoy!

This book gives a good overview of the remedies commonly used in homeopathy, as well as the philosophy and history.

Medicine Flows by Mo Morrish.  A slim easy to read publication.

Homoeopathy: A Rational Choice in Medicine by Mo Morrish.  An even slimmer book than Medicine Flows which looks at the principles on which homeopathy is founded and why it is remains a sensible choice in the 21st century

For those of you interested in immunity and vaccination, consider An Educated Decision by Christina J Head for information on how homeopathy can help with immunisation.

Another possibility for you is Homeopathic Alternatives to Immunisation by Susan Curtis.

Happy reading.


Natalie Weekes Homeopath Bristol

I am a mother of two and a fully qualified homeopath. I am committed to effective and honest work with you. I specialise in addressing skin issues, hormonal problems and anxiety. My clients are mostly children and women but homeopathy works for everyone.

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