Helps the body’s natural instinct for self repair

Homeopathy is an effective system of medicine which triggers the body’s natural instinct for self repair.  This is the treatment you want when your mind and body is in need of rebalancing.  I particularly see the influence of homeopathy in my practice when it comes to hormonal disturbance.

Suitable for everyone

It is gentle, non-toxic and free of side effects.  And as such it is suitable for everyone from newborns to the elderly, for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.  Have a read of the testimonials page – they come from clients aged 6 months to 52 years old.

Healing is the objective

Whatever your stage of your life you want treatment which is going to be respectful to you.  Dealing with the root cause rather than simply suppressing the symptoms is one of homeopathy’s strengths. You will not be on the same remedy for the same condition for the rest of your days because the objective is always healing.

Holistic medicine

Homeopathy recognises symptoms as being the signs that the body is out of balance and seeks to redress that imbalance.
It is a holistic medicine which does not separate your mind and body.  There is recognition that the whole person needs to be considered – rather than a presentation of isolated symptoms.

At its core, homeopathy recognises that our bodies carry scars of past events which can show themselves in a physical, mental or emotional way.  Homeopathy, with its holistic approach, can address this.


Natalie Weekes Homeopath Bristol

I am a mother of two and a fully qualified homeopath. I am committed to effective and honest work with you. I specialise in addressing skin issues, hormonal problems and anxiety. My clients are mostly children and women but homeopathy works for everyone.

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