The process

  • Together we can work to improve your health and well being.
  • Everything we discuss will be confidential.
  • You will be heard without judgement and with patience.
  • After careful consideration of you and your circumstances I will give you a remedy.  This will be in either small pill or liquid form.
  • A follow-up appointment (up to 60 mins long) will be booked 3-6 weeks later to assess your reaction – both changes and improvements – to the remedy you have been given.
  • I will explain just how homeopathy can help you and what steps we will take to make that happen.  The aim is not just to stop your symptoms but to bring you back to solid, long term good health.

The number of appointments you will need depends on the nature of your symptoms and how long you have had them.


How we work together toward long-term health

We’ll start with an initial appointment which lasts 1-1.5 hours as we talk about your symptoms, your medical history and what sort of person you are. This information needs to be taken to assess how you live, and how your past, your present and your poor health affect you 

(All consultations are held in total confidence and all personal data is processed and stored as per my privacy policy and GDPR regulations.)

That’s up to 90 minutes focused entirely on you and what is troubling you.  I have made a video about what happens when we meet!



My charges

All charges include your homeopathic prescription and email support between appointments.


Free initial call

If you have any questions about homeopathy and how it can help you, I would be happy to talk things over for 30mins – at no cost.  I feel it is important for you to know what homeopathic treatment involves before committing yourself.



Initial Consultation

£90 for a client aged 18-60

£60 for a client aged 18 or under/students/over 60s


Follow-up Consultation

£60 for a client aged 18-60

£50 for a client aged 18 or under/students/over 60s


Special rates and packages of treatment are available.  

Please call me to discuss before booking.  Packages of treatment offer good value and enhanced contact.

Payments are processed automatically when booking. 



I am available for appointments and telephone conversations from Wednesday through to Friday as listed below.  Mondays and Tuesdays are for emails, newsletters, blogs, and posting out remedies to you.


Natalie Weekes Homeopath Bristol

I am a mother of two and a fully qualified homeopath. I am committed to effective and honest work with you. I specialise in addressing skin issues, hormonal problems and anxiety. My clients are mostly children and women but homeopathy works for everyone.

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11am – 7pm available for appointments


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