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How are you dealing with your child’s eczema?

I get lots of enquiries about eczema in babies and young children.

Does your baby/ young child have eczema?  I’m sure you have wondered about how best to deal with it.

It can be so distressing for the parents of young babies to find that within months their perfect baby skin is full of eczema.  The unsightly appearance of eczema can be upsetting enough.  But when our babies start to cry ceaselessly with the discomfort and itchiness, it adds another layer of parental heartache.

Eczema can appear soon after birth – within months – and this is more likely with a family background of allergies or asthma.  It’s unlovely to look at and tormenting for our babes.  And we are desperate to do something to help.  Often that help comes in the form of steroid creams from the GP.  Some of us are unhappy about using even mild steroids on delicate baby skin.  Steroids are usually prescribed as a short term measure but we often find that when we stop using the cream, the eczema comes back.  The root cause has not been addressed.

We might try different ‘natural’ creams on recommendations from friends or family members.  Often though these creams or oils serve to make matters worse.  And added to the normal chaos of baby sleep (and your sleep), we find ourselves with babies who cry all day.

So what can we do to help your child’s eczema?


homeopathy for eczema

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Homeopathy has a great track record with eczema.  The shorter the time you’ve had it, the quicker the turn-around to soft supple skin can be.

I will look at the family medical history – so important in cases of babies and children with eczema.  We will talk about the coverage of the eczema, which part of the body was first affected, and what makes it worse/better (heat, cold, bathing, touch, wool…).  There are so many different answers to these questions.  This plays into the strength of homeopathy – the recognition of our individual set of circumstances.  Eczema is not the same for everyone – despite being treated as such by the medical establishment.

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Homeopathy helps.

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