abdominal pain

Have you or someone you know suffered with menstrual cramps?  Many women have.  Pain with your period (called dysmennorhea) is the most common of menstrual complaints.  Here is my account of my own experience.



Some months ago I was struggling with really severe menstrual cramp at the beginning of my period.  I was vomiting.  I had diarrohea.  I was bathed in sweat although I was freezing cold and shivering.  The cramps were so bad that I couldn’t sit upright.  So I had to lie down- bent double- on the floor of the bathroom close to the loo and basin.  All I could do was groan.  This was not something I had experienced since my early teens.

I was unable to think clearly about which homeopathic remedies I might need to deal with the range of symptoms.  Nothing I took really helped.  My homeopath was out of the country and unavailable.  Ibuprofen did nothing to help



I rang the GP surgery.  After several hours’ wait I had a telephone consultation.  I was given a prescription for Naproxen and we agreed collection later that day.  The GP did not ask about any contraindications and I was too far gone to do anything but agree to the prescription.

Here’s some information about Naproxen: https://www.drugs.com/naproxen.html So, not something you would take lightheartedly for sure.

I took the recommended dose.  For three days the level of pain barely subsided although the vomiting and diarrohea had ceased.



As soon as my homeopath was back in the country he prescribed BOVISTA 30c to be taken four times a day for five days.  After the first dose the improvement was about 30%.  After the first 24 hour period I was experiencing only mild discomfort.   By day two I was totally pain free.

Bovista is a relatively small remedy with the following characteristics:

  • abdominal colic
  • better for bending double
  • diarrohea worse before and during menses
  • chills with pain

That was all I needed and my body responded within hours.  No side effects to worry about.  This is how simple homeopathy can be.

Self help for painful periods works particularly well when you have no underlying condition such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or Endometriosis. Remedies such MAG-PHOS and COLOCYNTHIS are the go-to remedies for the pain which is reduced through heat, when the pain causes you to bend double and cry out.

So, if you, or someone you know, suffers with period pain, homeopathy can really help to alleviate symptoms of pain or extreme menstrual flow. Get in touch if you would like to have a free 30min chat about what I can do to help.  Ask what you like.

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