much needed sleep

Broken or short? Are you getting enough sleep?

What’s your sleep like?  So many of my clients mention sleep – or the lack of it – as part of their problem.

How many hours do you need?  Do have difficulty dropping off to sleep, wake every night at 4am, or wake early whatever time you go to bed?  Are you dropping off whenever you sit still? Want to nap but grumpy afterwards?

The common accepted idea is that adults need 8 hours sleep/night. Whether you have a young child, work or relationship issues, or maybe you struggle with anxiety you may not be getting the hours you need.

Everyone is different  man sleeping  (

photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash)

Everyone’s needs are different and they can change.  Mrs Thatcher allegedly needed only 4 hours sleep/night but most of us need more than that.   I regularly slept 4-5 hours/night in my 20s.  But I napped and felt great afterward and generally felt energetic.  It would never work now.

The objective of a good night’s sleep is to wake refreshed, ready to take on whatever the day holds.  Not to just survive your day, but to thrive through your day.  For many of us – for different reasons – thriving does not happen.

What can you do?

Well, what has been established – and sleep research is continuing as we speak – is that there are small changes we can make which may have big effects on our sleeping patterns.  Here are some suggestions:

  • remove our phones from our bedrooms.  If we need to wake at a certain time, buy an alarm clock.
  • ensure the room is as dark as it can be.
  • prioritise your sleep.  Record that programme rather than staying up for it.
  • don’t exercise or drink alcohol close to bedtime.  That causes havoc with sleep patterns.
  • write down what you need to do the next day so your head would not be full of that kind of anxiety.

There are obviously other changes you can bring to your sleep.


The side effects of not getting enough sleep in the long term

A long list of some of the side effects are here.

Grim reading.


Homeopathy anyone?

The benefits of using homeopathy are manifold.  For sleep in particular.

First of all, we’re looking at root causes here.  When did your sleep become a problem?  What was happening at the time?  Are you in pain?  Are you anxious?  Homeopathy can address the root cause – allowing your sleep to re-balance.

Secondly, we are looking for long term improvement – not you taking tablets for the rest of your days

We are looking at dealing with what’s under the surface.  Treating the sleep problem as a symptom.

You know how you are affected.

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Where do you live?

I love living in Bristol.  There’s lots of energy and vibrancy here.  People are friendly and approachable and that makes living in a city – especially in the centre – really enjoyable.

Wherever you are, perhaps you are looking for ways to bring health and wellbeing into your life?

How can you do that?

You’re welcome to visit my clinic here, but many of my clients are from elsewhere — they choose to Skype with me instead.

What do we talk about in a consultation?

We talk about what’s bothering you, what’s taking your energy and attention  and how you can make life better using homeopathy and introducing small changes to create big effects.

My blogs are a way into to talking about bringing simple healthy habits into your daily life.  Whether that’s walking more, being less distracted, healthy recipes or thought provoking (I hope!) things which interest me.

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